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2021暢銷書 - 《我是IB 狀元 - 十大狀元是如何煉成的》


- 書中十大狀元無私分享讀書方法、考試攻略及選科心得等,全部真實及寶貴經驗
- 他們如何克服身心疲累,又堅持不懈? 家⻑又如何在不給予壓力下支持子女 - 內容豐富、中英雙語

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Exam Guides: IB Chinese Writing Level 7
Exam Guides: IB Mathematics AASL
Exam Guides: Your IB Physics HL

The aim of this series is to help students prepare for the IB examinations.
Good examination techniques come from good examination preparation and practice.
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