IB English Literature and Language Individual Oral

What is the Individual Oral (IO)?

English Literature and Language IB? Then it’s only a matter of time before you have to start thinking about the Individual Oral (IO).  IO is an integral part of the assessment for English A Language and Literature.  It is usually taken in the first term of the final year of the IB, so for many it is their first taste of a formal exam.  It is internally assessed which means that it is marked by the teacher and moderated by the IB.


How important of IO?

At SL the IO is worth 30% and at HL it is worth 20% of the final English A, so the short answer is that it’s quite important and a good opportunity for students to boost their grade.

What happens during IO?

Students are required to give the following:

  • 10 mins spoken analysis of a literary extract and non-literary text
  • 5 minutes discussion with the teacher focusing on a common global issue.
  • The candidate can select their own literary and non-literary extract from the texts that have been covered in class so that they can prepare their IO in advance.
  • The IO is recorded and sent to the IB for moderation (thus the grade is subject to change).

How is the IO graded?

Students only have one opportunity to take their IO.  There are 4 different criteria, each worth 10 marks, giving a possible total of 40 marks.

How can students prepare for the IO?

Having established that the IO is an important element, how can students best prepare?
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