Admission Consulting

iStudy provides consultation and structured academic planning to best fit individual student’s needs!:

Our experienced Education Consultants provide our students and family a broad range of services through the often manifold and stressful process of university applications.

Our expert consultation service covers:

1.    In-depth initial assessment on student’s academic and extracurricular profile.

2.    Directive and intentional profile building based on student’s interests and strengths.

3.    Application planning and detailed road-mapping to success.

4.    Career exploration and guidance through subject selection.

5.    Strategic and expert support on school and/or program selection.

6.    Comprehensive essay support and interview preparation to present the applicant in the best possible light.

Personal Statement Essay Writing Support

• Tested and proven approach on helping students craft a Personal Statement (and other application essays) that demonstrates their key attributes and successes through compelling stories.