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Mr. Steven Ma

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Mr. McGinniety, Edward Luke

Chief Academic Advisor
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Ms. Fiona Ma

Founder and Chief Operating Officer
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Mr. Titus Lam

Founder and Chief Academic Officer
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Mr. Stephen Chan

Business Development and Marketing Director
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Ms. Yvonne Chan

Publishing Manager
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Ms. Iris Lo

Admin and Marketing Manager


Let's meet our professional tutors
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“Do you like Math?” That’s the first question I will ask to all my students. Half of them say Nope.
But no worry. Together, I will help you to understand math. Eventually you may think that Math is Fun!

Titus Lam

Mathematics / Physics
The University of Hong Kong
Team Member

Hello. I'm an International Christian School grad, Northwestern Wildcat, and University of Michigan alumni, as well as your friendly-neighborhood PhD drop-out, because I discovered I prefer people over papers. I've been tutoring since I came back to Hong Kong in 2015 and currently love this job because I believe you guys will be the next generation to make a global impact. Come tutor with me if you take IB Chemistry, we can be tighter than covalent bonds.

Grace Y. Lyu

University of Michigan
Team Member

Welcome to join my science class.
No matter how good or how bad you are at science, we will work together to improve your grades.
I will do my best to get you ready for your exams!


University of Washington
Team Member

The very beauty of literature lies in its construction of the imaginative reality that subverts our existing assumptions about the world. Through looking into the rapturous rhetoric offered by various thinkers, I wish to engage the students with an ahistorical conversation with the works of study such that they will be able to discover the artistry of the hectic, yet humane reality.


Chinese University of Hong Kong
Team Member

(Sing along with Aladdin - A whole new world)
I can show you the world
from particles to universe,
solve equations and definitions,
give you a seven.

I can safe you from pain.
Pain of reciting physics!
Bring you logic with procedures to
understand the world!

Newton’s first law;
an object receives no net force
is moving constantly
or stays at rest
when force on it balances.

Newton’s third law;
the action and reaction pair
exerting opposite
on two bodies,
and meanwhile having the same magnitude.

Lyrics by Stephanie C.
Preformed by YOU.

Stephanie Chan

Physics / Mathematics
University of Sussex., Chinese University of Hong Kong
Team Member

“You can make anything by writing.”
C.S. Lewis

To me, writing is one of the best ways to express what is really going on inside your head. I believe all students have amazing ideas inside them that should be shared with the world. My primary goal is to help them express those ideas and thoughts in writing.

Kate Fung

English / Psychology
University of Toronto
Team Member <

Kelvin is now doing master degree in Education in HKU now. Teaching of Science in an International Context.

Kelvin Choy

Maths / Chemistry
City University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong
Team Member

One important key to problem-solving is confidence. The important key to confidence is well-preparation. I'm here with you not only to teach mathematical skills, but also to motivate when you're overwhelmed, from taking the first step to where you can walk independently.
Side notes: You're allowed to snack during my class but please don't tempt me into it.

H.S. Yuen

Maths / Physics
The University of Hong Kong
Team Member


Maggie Lam

City University of Hong Kong
Team Member

'...we know what we are, but know not what we may be.' - Hamlet by William Shakespeare

This is one of my favourite quotes from Shakespeare's work as it reminds me of the infinite possibilities waiting to be explored. I would love to develop your abilities in different aspects of English language and literature, and most of all, to enjoy the learning journey!

Rachel Ng

University of East Anglia
Team Member

I believe science should be taught in a fun and easy way. By learning the fundamentals, you can understand the world better, how it works, then this can be related to the topics and exam. Remember, science is a topic that can be easy if you are engaged with it. Study with me and I'm sure you will love it and your grades will improve!

Sam Wong

University of West England, Bristol
Team Member

Ivan Chu

University of Bath