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IB Diploma Results 2018

iStudy is tremendously proud of our students who are having brilliant results in IB Diploma 2018 !

This year, we have FOUR students who achieved the full 45 points:

- Beatrice Li, George Shen, Wing Sze Yu and Cheryl Wong

Another TWO students have achieved 44 points:

- Sean Kwan, Dione Hodges

Nevertheless, there are 18 students achieved more than 40 points, congratulations to every single one of you!

iStudy is extremely pleased to announce such brilliant achievements of our students, we wish all of you every success in your future studies!

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George Shen

IB scored 45/45, Cambridge University, Economics

Thank you iStudy for all the help and support. iStudy lessons have been an enjoyable learning experience that I have looked forward to during my IB years. Thank you Titus! #Mathsoflove.

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Beatrice Li

IB scored 45/45, Chinese University, Medicine

Thank you iStudy for carrying my math grade! + teaching me the entire IB SL Math in 6 months!! Hope you can help out more dying IB students! I could not have achieved my mark without your help!

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Sean Kwan

IB scored 44/45, UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

I want to thank iStudy and Titus for years of great teaching. I couldn't have done this without their support, kindness and patience. #themathsoflove

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Dione Hodges

Shatin College, IB scored 44/45, University of St Andrews, Economics and Management

I am greatful to have studied in HL Math, HL Chem and SL Chinese B in iStudy. Learning Math and Chem has helped make hard concepts simple, deepening my analytical skills. With the support of my Chinese tutor, I was able to transition from GCSE foreign language smoothly, exceeding higher than original expectations.

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Ryan Lee

Shatin College, IB scored over 40, HKUST, Global Businesses

Thank you iStudy for such an enjoyable learning experience. I have only been able to achieve this with iStudy's help!! #mathsoflove

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IB scored over 40, Renaissance College

我在 iStudy 最深厚的獲益就是了解普遍中國文學中所蘊藏着的歷史背景和儒家哲理意味。 這歸於導師用心解釋每一個象徵,人物細節和伏筆。 另外導師也會取7分的技巧, 如滿足考官的「關鍵字眼」和文章結構

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Michael Kwan

Shatin College, IB scored over 40

Thank you for all the time your teachers have dedicated to tutoring me during my study at iStudy. In particular I would like to express my gratitude towards Tiger and Katrina.