School Policies



  1. All materials used in lessons by iStudy teachers and subsequently distributed to students (worksheets, textbook copies, other documents, etc.) remain the intellectual property of iStudy. Any reproduction, distribution or sharing with other parties without the prior written consent of iStudy is strictly prohibited. Some courses may require an additional fee for the purchase of textbooks and/or other course materials.
  2. iStudy full-time teachers are only permitted to teach and provide educational services at iStudy Learning Centers. Parents and students should not contact teachers directly to make private arrangements for tuitions outside.
  3. All lesson scheduling, payment and logistical issues should be taken up by iStudy administration staff. iStudy teachers are not responsible for scheduling or any other non-academic matters.
  4. iStudy teachers who have resigned are not permitted to contact or provide lessons to iStudy students within 6(six) months of resignation; binding period may vary and subject to employee’s contract terms & condition. If you would like to contact a teacher, please approach our administration staff or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  5. The teachers assigned to courses may be changed at the discretion of iStudy. A minimum enrolment of 2 students for group class is required for a course to commence. iStudy reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrolment, in which case the student will be transferred to another course. Alternatively, the student may enroll in a private lesson and pay the price difference. Refunds will be issued if there is no suitable course or private lesson available.
  6. For group class: 1-2 students/1 hour lesson; 3-4 students/1.5 hours lesson. If a 3-4 class changed to a 1-2 class due to the absence of other classmates. The lesson time will be shorten to one hour lesson without prior notice.
  7. To ensure that private lessons / private groups are conducted effectively, students and parents are encouraged to communicate clearly and early with our Administration staff or teachers if there are any topics and specific areas that they would like to focus on. It is the student’s responsibility to provide such information upon enrolment or before the first lesson. iStudy does not bear any responsibility for a lesson not matching the student’s expectations if he or she fails to provide such information. If teachers are not informed which syllabus or materials to use, they will prepare lessons to strengthen core content using their own materials.

  8. iStudy reserves the right to refuse the admission of any students who, in its opinion, is detrimental to the general welfare of the school.
  9. iStudy reserves the right to discontinue a student's enrolment at any time for poor attendance, non-payment or underpayment of tuition, disruptive behavior, or any behavior that is disrupting of the school operations or other students' learning.

  10. iStudy operates a "first-come first-serve" and confirmation-by-payment policy in allocating teaching schedules and reserves the right to release any reserved lessons that have only been verbally confirmed or have passed confirmation deadline. Full payment must be received prior to the indicated deadline.
  11. Student must pay for all lessons before attending class. Should a student come to a lesson before payment, iStudy reserves the right to preclude the student from attending the class. To avoid such situations, please ensure payment prior to attending the lessons.
  12. iStudy reserves the right to change the class teachers for courses / individual lessons / private group as seen appropriate without prior notice and to cancel any lesson as deemed necessary.
  13. Lessons reserved with iStudy are non-transferrable. Once a student’s name is confirmed at the time of booking, only that student may attend the booked lessons. Trading or switching lessons with friends or family members is not permitted.

  14. Cancellation of any confirmed lessons must inform iStudy Administration (by whatsapp) 48 hours before the lesson, less than 48 hours advanced notice , full tuition fee will be charged, no refund or make-up classes will be offered.
  15. No refunds or make-up classes will be offered if a student missed the classes due to personal affairs with the exception of illness with medical certificate as a proof. In case of sickness, students need to inform iStudy Administration at least 3 hours before the scheduled lesson by telephone (whatsapp). A medical certificate must be presented to iStudy Administration within two working days, without a medical certificate or late submission, full tuition fee be charged.
  16. Final approval for all rescheduling and refunds is based on iStudy Management decision.

  17. In case of school closure prior to the commencement of a course, we will refund in full the course fee collected to students.
  18. If a course cannot be operated on the date or at the time specified in the course leaflet and students decline the revised arrangements offered by our centres, we will refund in full or on a pro-rata basis the course fee collected to students as soon as possible and in any event not later than one month after the students have requested for the refund.
  19. In case of cessation of a course after its commencement, we will refund to students the course fee collected on a pro-rata basis as soon as possible and in any event not later than one month after the cessation of the course.

  20. iStudy will inform students of the refund arrangement either over the telephone or in writing. For students aged below 18, their parents or guardians can proceed with the refund procedures on behalf of the students.
  21. Upon receipt of the refund (either in cash or by cheque), students or parents should sign to acknowledgement the receipt.

  22. For safety, security and other relevant reasons, CCTV cameras are in operation within the Centre. iStudy shall not be held responsible for personal injuries, losses and damages incurred by any student while at iStudy premises.
  23. Photographs and videos may occasionally be taken during lessons. iStudy reserves all rights to images and footages, which may be used for educational or promotional purposes.




Typhoon Signal No. 1, No. 3 & Rainstorm Signal Amber, Red


Typhoon Signal No. 1; No. 3; and RainStorm Signal Amber, Red All classes will operate as usual unless the Education Bureau has made special announcement on class suspension of all schools. It is up to parents’/ student’s own decision whether to attend the class or skip. No make up class or refund will be granted to those skipped the class.


Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above and Black Rainstorm


(a) if such warnings are lowered or removed before 2pm (a) Classes will resume after two hours. (a) It is up to parents’/ student’s decision whether to attend the class or skip. No make up class or refund will be granted to those skipped the class.
(b) if the warnings hoisted till 4pm or lowered after 4pm (b) all classes will be cancelled and iStudy Centers will be closed. (b) Make up Classes will be scheduled at a later time. If students cannot attend the allocated make-up class, then there will be no additional rescheduling or refund for the lessons.


Education Bureau Announcement on Class Suspension of all Schools


Education Bureau Announcement on Class Suspension of all schools. In principal, iStudy will follow EDU’s guideline to close the Centers and cancel the classes. iStudy will inform parents/students accordingly regarding the arrangement. Make Up Class will be scheduled at a later time. If students cannot attend the allocated make-up class, then there will be no additional rescheduling or refund for the lessons.