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iStudy Learning Center was founded in 2013. We mainly focus on providing International School Curriculum Tutorial and Study Abroad Pathway Programmes. We are committed to providing the best quality education service with excellent, professional and eager teachers. We nurture children in an enlightening learning environment and cultivate them to be independent thinkers who acquire their own critical thinking. The purpose of our courses is to stimulate students' enthusiasm and confidence in learning which allow them to develop their personal potential and prepare them for the challenges of future study and life.

Alongside comprehensive development in the fields of academy, we also have extra-curricular activities, like Astronomy Outing, to incite students to broaden their horizons. Nevertheless, as real-educationalists, we concern about our children’ s future development. We hope to assist students at exploring their interests as well as abilities and therefore achieve their desired ambition. Please feel free to consult us about prospecting for their best academic pathway!