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Established in 2013, I-Study Learning Center is a professional tutorial center providing smallgroup tutorial services for students at all levels. Led by a team of experienced and dedicated educators, well-versed in a multitude of scholastic disciplines, we are committed to providing first-class academic support tailored towards the educational needs of our students. Our tutorial school focuses on providing courses for international school students and for students planning to study abroad.

I-Study Learning Center champions a unique philosophy; we aim to nurturing our students through an active learning approach. Helping our students develop a passion in their subject is considered crucial to the academic and personal growth of our students. Fulfilling our students’ learning needs is our utmost priority. We hold the view that taking a studentoriented approach and catering their learning needs with an interactive teaching approach are the key factors to achieving academic success.

Interactive teaching

I-Study Learning Center has successfully adopted an inquiry-based classroom teaching through use of interactive teaching methods. Our tutor aims for students to achieve results through visual learning aids. Small group classes are taught by our distinguished and experienced tutors to meet the needs of each and every individual student. Through the use of a western-style teaching, our courses are designed to maximize students’ full creativity and help them become all rounded learners.

Motto: Identity, innovation, ideal

Our central motto is to encourage our students to find their own identity by knowing their personal strength. Innovation is a key player in motivating students to become independent and creative thinkers. Our center aims to fully equip our students to their most ideal pathway for the future.